H2o Networks | Business Continuity
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Every week I talk to CEO’s & Directors who are frustrated because their backup system did not work as expected. They thought they had a backup system in place that meant they could carry on as usual, but it did not work when they needed it the most!


At H2o we have seen how how easily things can go wrong and how businesses fail to take this seriously until disaster strikes. Often they think it is something that won’t happen to them or that their IT company has a backup system. In 93% of cases that we have seen, what they actually had in place, and what they expected to happen (which was business as usual) never happened. 



When a disaster does happen it is extremely stressful for everyone. Your staff have nothing to do and your clients start to get inpatient. All in all a very costly coffee break costing thousands of pounds in lost business and productivity.


If your business doesn’t have a recovery plan to ensure your business can continue to work, or you don’t have the confidence that your system has been tested with documented reports, then we would suggest you should know for sure and make sure it is in place.


It could be as simple as having data backed up locally to a mirror server, offsite or in the cloud. For other businesses it’s about being able to continue to operate and do business without experiencing any down time which is most important.


Often in most cases, it is regulatory or legal and requirement that forces the issue, or it could be bad experience with lost data which exposes a gap in your business continuity and disaster recovery plan.


Whatever the situation, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity covers many different options and solutions. We are here to look at what you have, how it is used, what the goal is and then to make recommendations based on your priorities and how fast you need to continue working if disaster happens.


At H2o we are obsessed with business continuity and backup, that is why every support cover guarantees that all their data will be backed up and available no matter what happens.


If you want to be 100% confident that your system will continue working “business as usual”, then have us complete a backups ad business continuity check, so you at least know what is happening right now with your business critical data.