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Cloud Solutions



Office 365 is the true starting point for to enable always on email that never goes down. As a Microsoft Partner we have designed Office 365 email and document sharing for professional services firms that cannot have a moments down-time. Find out how we have applied this in the real world to your profession. Find out how we are migrating and transforming professional service companies and how easy it is to do.

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Microsoft Sharepoint

The true benefit of SharePoint is that businesses can work anywhere. That means no more being tied to an office or a file server. All your important documents are backed up and available on any device. The team-sites really work when you can view and edit documents at the same time, with full version tracking. Find out how you can edit and work on word or excel documents from your iPad or mobile phone.

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Microsoft Cloud Server / Virtual Desktop

A Microsoft cloud server is a private secure cloud system in the sky. This system replaces your existing server, so that your office based system is available from anywhere. This means no more server purchases, software updates and extra expenditure on a new server. Find out how we are making always on IT system that never go down a reality

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Skype For Business

Microsoft Skype For Business is a communication platform for businesses, which can replace internal messaging and your phone system. The idea behind Skype for Business is integrating communication in a seamless way with the knowledge of when they might be available. The latest version of Skype for Business integrates with Outlook, mobile devices and documents can be shared and viewed in real-time. Oh and with free phone calls between countries and branch offices. Skype for Business comes free with Office 365 hosted email. Find out more about how we are implementing this in businesses across London and beyond.

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Cloud Backup & Business Continuity

Businesses know that backups are essential – critical information such as emails, files, databases and client information. If it was all gone tomorrow what would you do?
However it is not just about backup and retrieving a document, email, it’s much more than that. What would happen if your business IT system had a system crash, virus, power outage or the data was just deleted?

Find out more about how we are delivering cloud backups and business continuity solutions that ensure businesses are never down and cannot access their data.

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Cloud Security

As we know security and keeping our information safe is a necessity. It is true that many businesses and individuals are using cloud services such as drop-box, ebay, facebook, google apps and others.

In recent years these services have come under attack and have had security breaches. The two main reasons is that these services are more consumer orientated and and only one level of security. This means if usernames and passwords are breached, then they have access to your information. This is why usernames and passwords are constantly being changed for better security.

These so called consumer cloud services are great for personal use, but for business a more secure system is required. The cloud services from Microsoft, Rackspace and the H2o cloud system have military grade security firewalls in place. In fact our private cloud system are designed and built with security is the primary importance with Cisco grade firewalls and protection used as standard in larger blue chip and financial institutions.

Find out more about the type of firewalls we use and how we secure every business super critical information and keep out the hackers, thieves and viruses.

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